3rd Hun-Han Theological Forum

3rd Hun-Han Theological Forum

3rd Hun-Han Theological Forum

Hungarian and Korean Reformed Perspectives on Nationalism and Christian Identity before the Collapse of Communism

08-12 January, 2018.  

Sárospatak Reformed Theological University, Hungary H-3950 Sárospatak, Rákóczi út 1.


 7 January, 2018 (Sunday) – arrival

Arrival to Budapest airport (if possible latest by 15 hours)

17.00-19.30             Travel by minibus from Budapest to Sárospatak

20.00-                        Dinner 

8 January, 2018 (Monday)

07.00-08.00 Breakfast

09.00-11.00             Registration

11.00-11.30             Welcome. Prof. Dr. Szilveszter Füsti-Molnár, rector, Sárospatak

12.00-14.00             Lunch

14.00-18.00             Introduction to the life of Reformed Church (Reformed College in Sárospatak)

18.00-19.00             Dinner

19.00-19.30             Welcome, Prof. Dr. Ábrahám Kovács (initiator of the HHTF with prof. Dr. Jooseop Keum)

9 January, 2018 (Tuesday) – lectures

07.00-08.00 Breakfast

Panel I. chairperson: Szilveszter Füsti-Molnár

08.30-09.00             SHIN, Jaeshik (HUTS): A Formation of Christian Nationalism in Korean Protestantism after Liberatio

09.00-09.10             Bölcskei, Gusztáv (DRTU)

09.10-09.40             HATOS, Pál (Kaposvár University) Church and State in the Thinking of Bishop László Ravasz (1882-1975)

09.40-09.50             Hong, Ji Hoon (HTUS)

09.50-10.20             Discussions

10.20-10.40 Coffee Break

 Panel II chairperson: István Pásztori-Kupán

10.40-11.10             RÁCSOK, Gabriella (SRTU): The Social-Ethical Perception of the Theology of the Servant Church

11.10-11.20            Byung, Joon Chung (Jangshin University)

11.20-11.50            HONG, Ji Hoon (HTUS): The Character of Korean Protestant Nationalism in Japanese Colony

11.50-12.00             Hatos, Pál (Kaposvár)

12.00-12.30             Discussions

12.30-14.00             Lunch

Panel III chairperson: Jaeshik Shin

14.00-14.30             BYUN, Chang Uk (PUTS): Nationalism and Biblical Symbols in the Protestant  Christianity of Korea, 1884-1919

14.30-14.40             Lányi, Gábor (KGRU)

14.40-15.10             BÖLCSKEI, Gusztáv (DRTU): Aspects of Reformed Identity

15.10-15.20             Chang, Yoon Jae (EWHA)

15.20-15.50             Discussions

15.50-16.10             Coffee break

Panel IV. chairperson: Won Mo Suh

 16.10-16.40            CHOI, Sang Do (HTUS): Love Your Enemies: Universal Christian Virtues vs Korean Christian’s Participation in National Independent Movement under Japanese Colonial Regime

16.40-16.50             Kovács, Ábrahám (DRTU)

16.50-17.20             LÁNYI, Gábor (KGRU): Albert Bereczky (1893-1966) – a Life of Questions

17.20-17.30              Koh, Won Seok (PUTS)

17.30-17.50             Discussions

18.00                         Dinner

10 January, 2018 (Wednesday) – lectures

07.00-08.00 Breakfast

Panel I. chairperson:  Sang Do Choi

08.30-09.00             CHUNG, Joon Byung (Jangsin University): A Study on the Structural Changes of the Church-State Relation in Korea, 1784-1945: Focused on the Protestant Church

09.00-09.10             Rácsok, Gabriella (SRTU)

09.10-09.40             FÜSTI-MOLNÁR, Szilveszter (SRTU): Overview of the Hungarian Reformed Church’s ‘Official Theology’ Before the Collapse of Communism

09.40.-09.50            Choi, Sang Do (HTUS)

09.50-10.20             Discussions

10.20-10.40 Coffee Break

Panel II chairperson: Yoon Jae Chang

10.40-11.10             KOVÁCS, Ábrahám (DRTU): Crossing the Threshold? A Distorted or Remoulded Reformed Christian Identity  (Sola scriptura, Solus Christus, Sola gratia and Sola fide in Communist ideological disguise)

11.10-11.20             Shin, Jaeshik (HUTS)

11.20-11.50             SUH, Won Mo (PUTS): Trauma and Pastoral Piety: Conceptualization of a Framework for Ecclesial Spirituality

11.50-12.00             Füsti-Molnár, Szilveszter (SRTU)

12.00-12.30             Discussions

12.30-14.00 Lunch

Panel III. chairperson:  Ábrahám Kovács

14.00-14.30             GONDA, László (DRTU): Clipeus Christianitatis? – The Topic of the National Destiny in the Missionary Thought in Hungary

14.30-14.40            Byun, Chang Uk (PUTS)

14.40-15.10             Pásztori-Kupán, István (PTI): A far too eloquent silence. Karl Barth’s inexplicable reluctance to address or comment the bloody avengement of the Hungarian Freedom Fight in 1956 in the interpretation of Reinhold Niebuhr

15.10-15.20             SUH, Won Mo (PUTS)

15.20-15.40             Coffee break

Panel IV. chairperson: Gabriella Rácsok

 15.50-16.20             KOH, Won Seok (PUTS): Wort, Empirie und Zeichen Semiotische Bibeldidaktik für soziale Integration

16.20-16.30              Gonda, László (DRTU)

16.30-17.00              CHANG, Yoon Jae (EWHA): An Exodus into New Light

17.00-17.10              Pásztori-Kupán, István (PTI)

17.10-17.40             Discussions

18.00                       Festive Dinner

11 January, 2018 (Thursday)

07.00-08.00 Breakfast

8.30-16.00               Visit Study tour of Reformed culture (Gönc and Vizsoly, Boldogkőváralja)

14.00                         Packet lunch

16.00-18.00             Round table discussion of the future of HHTF (profs. Shin and Kovács)

19.00                         Dinner

12 January, 2018 (Friday)

07.00-08.00 Breakfast

08.15-                        Departure, excursion to Tákos and Csaroda

12.00                         Lunch

14.30                         Reception – Debrecen (Prof. Dr. Zoltán Kustár, rector)

14.30-18.00              Visiting Debrecen Reformed College and Great Church (Rev. Zsigmond Vad, dean)

18.00                         Departure to Sárospatak

20.00                         Dinner (closing the conference) Sárospatak

13 January, 2018 (Saturday)

07.00-08.00 Breakfast

08.30-                        Departure to Budapest sightseeing on individual basis, or to Ferihegy airport from Sárospatak (For Korean participants)


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